About Stillwater Awards

About Stillwater Awards

We are the founders and inventors of Acrylic Awards. Stillwater Awards has manufactured high-quality acrylic products in the United States since 1982. Over the past 40+ years, we have built a reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers in the awards industry. We continue to lead in design, quality, affordability, and innovation. Stillwater Awards takes great pride in providing awards, plaques, and paperweights for many clients, such as Fortune 500 companies, government organizations at all levels, national associations, professional and amateur sports organizations, schools, businesses, charities, and others. Whether great or small, you can trust us to deliver a stunning product. Stillwater Awards has a product for every use and price range. Because we make everything here in our Salt Lake City, Utah facility, we specialize in custom-fitting a product for any need, logo, or desire, and we do it quickly and affordably. Our designs, colors, and materials will dazzle even the hardest to please. We continue to strive to be the best in the industry and have a passion for rewarding those who deserve recognition. Let us help you reward and motivate. We have done it better than any other company for over 40 years.

Stillwater Acrylic Awards

Stillwater Acrylic Awards manufactures a full line of high quality acrylic award products. Our awards are perfect for anyone from the employee of the month to the company CEO. Our collection of finely crafted acrylic awards make excellent tributes as well as great motivators in corporate award, and achievement programs. Each acrylic award is artfully rendered in high quality acrylic, then beautifully laser engraved or screen printed with your logo, recipients name, and their achievement. Our timeless personalized designs will be cherished by their recipient for all time.
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Zeit Company Values Statement

We at Zeit Company dedicate ourselves to the following values/principles of conduct with
customers, employees, or anyone we may come in contact with by embracing the following:

Caring and Professionalism

Honesty and Integrity

Courteous Friendship

Reliability and Follow Through

Exemplary Service


Quality and Precision

Continuous improvement and innovation

Open Communication


A sense of Urgency



Zeit Company Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the preferred supplier to Trophy and Awards Retailers and Advertising Specialty Distributors of innovative Acrylic Awards and Support Products nationwide. We seek to ensure that our customers feel that we will always deliver our products and services with the highest ethical standards of quality, integrity, reliability and value. Our goal is to build a reputation as being the founders, leaders, and most trusted comprehensive Acrylic Awards Supplier in the Awards Industry. We will seek to establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships with all qualified Awards Retailers. We will also endeavor to find new and creative products to introduce into other major markets. We will always strive to improve our internal methods and procedures to further enhance the happiness and satisfaction of our customers and our employees. We will always strive to be fair, courteous, versatile, precise and efficient with all those who may come in contact with our Company.

Zeit Company Philosophy

Zeit Company is the inventor and founder of “Acrylic Awards”. As we have evolved and grown over the 4 decades since our founding, we continue to stand on the philosophy of creativity, innovation, service, and quality.

At Zeit Company we strive to create a positive experience for our customers every time they contact us or engage with us. Of all the Award Manufacturers available, YOU CHOSE US, and we are grateful.

Our service staff, executives, and skilled craftsmen will give the attention and care that our customers deserve. Something you will never get at Zeit Company is an uncaring attitude.

We have created custom brain engaging awards that our customers love. The options are limitless as our designers use all the skills, materials, and tools at their disposal to create something wonderful. We create and manufacture “signature awards” for any occasion or purpose and strive to do it quickly.

WOW! – If you don’t say that when you see what we have created for you, we need to go back to the drawing board and innovate some more. We ship over a thousand awards each day that are thoughtful and bring out the best of a brand. We have built a business on repeating orders and creating awards that please everyone.

We will strive to always deliver our products and services with the highest standards of quality, integrity, reliability, and value. We are seeking long term relationships with all our clients and employees. We will always strive to improve and enhance everything we are and hope to be.


Kirt M.

"Stunning quality Acrylic Awards, fast turnaround, and excellent customer service. I sell Stillwater Awards products almost every day! Highly recommend!"

Kyle M.

"They made our recognition program extra special with beautiful Wall Plaques and Acrylic Awards. Thank you!"

Joe I.

"Top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our recipients were thrilled with their awards."

Barbara V.

"Stillwater Awards has a huge selection of options to fit any budget and taste. We found the perfect award for our very picky customer."

Gayle C.

"Quick and easy process with responsive customer support. Our awards arrived flawless, on time and under budget."

Randy H.

"They went above and beyond to personalize our awards for the project, making them truly meaningful and timeless."

John G.

"Their custom design process was a dream! We got exactly what we envisioned, even better."

Boyd Y.

"Such a refreshing change from generic awards. Stillwater Awards unique pieces truly stand out above the rest."

Lisa H.

"Working with them was a pleasure. They made the whole process fun and stress-free."